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Slimming Treatments and Products – Moreleta Park – Weight-loss and Beauty Clinic

Slimming Treatments and Products – Moreleta Park – Weight-loss and Beauty Clinic. We create summer bodies in weeks! The food we put in our bodies make a huge difference in how we look and feel. Clean Eating is a pleasurable way to increase your energy naturally, boost endorphins, and support your physical health (including your brain!) We specialize in Slimming Treatments, Slimming Packages and Slimming Products.
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Slimming Treatments and Products:

InBody Scan – a test to understand your weight, track your progress and reach your goals!
Meal Plans – Healthy meal plans to ensure your results!
Infrared Therapy – Flushes out the fat and toxins into the lymphatic system and out of the body with FIR Sauna. Amazing for pain relief as well.
Lipo Laser – Targets fats reduction that shapes individual area.
Non-Invasive, pain-free and Zero-down time.
Lymph Drainage – Intense treatment for water retention and to improve circulation. Excellent cellulite therapy as well!
Body Wrap – treatment to boost weight-loss on specific areas. Instant cm loss for a special event.
Faradic – Muscle stimulation for toning and firming.

Cellulite Solution Package – Treating severe cellulite and/or advance anti-cellulite solution for stage 1,2 and 3 cellulite.
Firm & Tone Package
Target Weight-loss Package – Target those stubborn fats with laser treatment.
Targeted Weight-loss advance Package – Target those stubborn fats with laser treatment.
Maintenance Package – Recommended after you’ve reached your goal weight.

Liposculpt Thermo Gel
Liposculpt Dextox Balance
Liposculpt CLA
Liposculpt Slimming Effervescent
Liposculpt Detox Caps
Liposculpt Slimming Whey Protein Shake
Liposculpt Body Sponge
Liposculpt Starter Kit
Liposculpt Cellulite Pack
Liposculpt Detox Pack
Liposculpt All-in-one Bag

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The Weight-loss & Beauty Clinic – Pretotia



Contact Person:
Tracey Grobbelaar

Contact Number:
082 411 8466