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PROTECT® Fog Cannon Security System

Presenting the PROTECT® fog cannon security system that is now available in South Africa. The fog activates within seconds to effectively deter any intruder. The fog is harmless to humans and animals and leaves NO residue: It will NOT affect clothing, furnishings and electrical equipment.

The fog cannon protects you and your valuables with-or-without an alarm system. The fog cannon security system will secure your home or business within seconds, making it impossible for the intruder to precede.  The PROTECT® fog cannon will fill a room with dense fog, deterring any intruder.

The security fog cannon will keep intruders out for up to 1 hour, which gives enough time for police or security to arrive. A PROTECT® fog cannon creates peace of mind.

The fog cannon security system provides a complete product range to cover any area from small rooms to large warehouses and ATM’s.  PROTECT® Fog Cannon are elegantly designed and some models can be installed covertly behind a wall or ceiling.

We have internationally documented approvals and the PROTECT® fog cannon security system is the market leader with more than 80,000 units installed. PROTECT® is the best-selling product and world market leader in the industry.

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