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Incorrect Electricity Reading

One of the residents of Duniet Street had a problem with an incorrect electricity reading. She has been struggling since September to get the invoice rectified.

She initially requested Tshwane to investigate since her electrical consumption averaging around 400 units per month jumped to 4000 units for the period of August/September amounting to an enormous invoice. No response from Tshwane.

She suspected that it was a wrong reading at the time. She then inspected the meters herself and took photos, forwarding them to Tshwane, clearly indicating that a wrong reading was reflected on the statement. At the time she took the photos the reading showed a 4000+ difference.

Tshwane then reported that the correct electricity reading will be captured on the system and that adjustments
will be done on her account.

The invoice was still not rectified. The resident then contacted Clr Vickey Bosch from Ward 79 Tshwane who then resolved the matter together with Benita.