E Oosthuizen Professional Accountants (SA)

E Oosthuizen Professional Accountants (SA) - Pretoria

E Oosthuizen Professional Accountants (SA), offering accounting services in Pretoria. A Professional Accountant (SA) possesses a unique mix of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. This makes them suited to be trusted advisers to private and public sector, on both national and local level.

A Professional Accountant (SA) can offer the following services:

  • Prepare financial reports in terms of required standards.
  • Interpret financial reports and suggest solutions to problems.
  • Assist with strategy planning and execution.
  • Assist in the formulation of business plans and financial forecasts.
  • Help control costs through cost accounting.
  • Assist in identifying and managing risks.
  • Advise on suitable business structures.
  • Perform business or business unit valuations.
  • Advise on relevant regulations – Human Resource, safety and environmental.
  • Provide strategic Human Resource advice.
  • Advise family businesses on financial and succession planning.
  • Provide taxation services.
  • Perform Independent Reviews.
  • Performing BEE for EME: Mentoring and Coaching of Entrepreneurs.
  • Other Agreed upon Engagements in business and financial services.

Contact Details for E Oosthuizen Professional Accountants (SA):

Contact Person:
Elri Oosthuizen

Tel Number:
072 602 7847