What style and colours suit you best? DJ Fashion and Style offers closet and accessory organisation services in Pretoria. We also do personal shopping and image consulting. Prices and details are included on the brochure below. Prices are on a baseline which additional costs to be added upon. For more information please whatsapp Danielle Manjoo: 083 679 5105 or email daniellejm07@gmail.com.

  1. Closet Organisation – from R250
    clothing and shoes
  2. Accessory Organisation – from R75
    jewellery, makeup, bags
  3. Personal Shopping  – from R350
    online or in stores
  4. Image Consulting – from R125
    can be done online once a person submits certain photo poses, for which I can use to evaluate what is best)

Please note that additional items needed for organisation processes, such as hangers / plastic dividers / shoe racks / other storage, are not included in the prices. The price is purely the service part.

Final price quoted after assessment.

Contact Details for DJ Fashion and Style:

Whatsapp: 083 679 5105
Danielle Manjoo

Email: daniellejm07@gmail.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/danielle_j_m

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