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Colonial Boulevard Power Crisis


From 2pm onwards, I received numerous complaints from residents of Colonial Boulevard, advising that after load shedding on 28 June 2015, their power was not restored.

I sent What’s Apps, SMSes and emails to the relevant electricity officials in Region 6, including their Director. Eventually, at 20:45,after no response from Tshwane, I approached the MMC of Infrastructure, requesting his urgent intervention! Another two days passed, with me constantly following up and requesting feedback, until, at long last, power was restored on 30 June 2015.

Get used to it, folks, it can only get worse!

Please, take the experience of Colonial Boulevard to heart and prepare for blackouts. Buy candles, gas lights and heaters, a generator, if you can afford it. Keep 2 X 5 litres bottled water handy for an emergency.

As the Scouts’ Motto goes – “Be Prepared!”

DA Clr Vickey Bosch
Ward 79 Tshwane