We provide a high-quality wheelie bin maintenance and cleaning service to residential and commercial customers within the Tshwane municipal area in Gauteng province. BIN DOCTOR offers a regular wheelie bin cleaning service once every two to four weeks on the 240 Litre wheelie bins.

The benefits of having your bins cleaned start making sense when we look at our environment. Keeping your immediate environment clean while ensuring we save and protect our water sources are important. With water being a scarce commodity in South Africa, households and companies should avoid using the garden hose and municipal water for this task. BIN DOCTOR use up to 15 times less water when cleaning bins through the use of commercial high-pressure systems.

BIN DOCTOR use only borehole water and furthermore use only bio-degradable washing chemicals. All wastewater flows back onto our mobile washing unit where it is then safely disposed on legal landfill facilities. The bacteria-filled wastewater, therefore, does not end up in the stormwater drains.

Wheelie Bin Wash Booking Process:

1. Contact us to discuss your cleaning requirements or complete the online form.
– Specify the number of wheelie bins to be cleaned.
– Specify the contract period (monthly or two weekly).
– Specify if the bin storage area should be cleaned.

2. Once you receive the invoice do an online EFT payment as a 50% deposit is required for your bin cleaning service to commence.

3. On the day your waste are emptied, we will come to your premise and will wash your bins on site. We use our own water and wash only with Bio friendly washing liquids. All grey water flows back onto our vehicle, leaving your premise clean and dry.

4. If requested the bin storage area will be pressure washed and any leftover rubbish will be placed in refuge bags back into the cleaned wheelie bins.

Contact details for Bin Doctor:

Website: www.bindoctor.co.za

Artus Malherbe
GM Ventures (T/A Bin Doctor)
Tel: 083 564 3434