ArtBox Gallery


ArtBox, a contemporary art gallery & specialised photographic studio, features the work of talented artists ranging from paintings, drawings, photography, sculptures to glass work, ceramics, jewelry, woodwork and handmade leather bags. The gallery will feature the work of many well-known artists.

At ArtBox every work is exclusive, allowing art collectors to invest in that special, unique piece that speaks to the heart. ArtBox will also be able to provide personal assistance and advice to those who require help to make a choice.

The majority of the drawings and paintings are unframed, making the art less expensive. Supreme Framers are on hand on the same premises to assist with a wide range of frames. The objective is to allow you to buy a work and select the frame to go with the interior look at your home or the office.

Contact Details for ArtBox Gallery:

Contact Person:
Etienne van Zyl


Tel Number:
083 384 2402


858 Barnard Street