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A River Runs Through It

Saturday morning, 11 July 2015

A River Runs Through It – Community Involvement Requested!

A few years ago, we tried to get the community involved in creating a nature area along the Apies River between Duniet and Hornblende Street in Elardus Park.

Well, we’re going to try it again, folks! Anyone who is interested in beautifying this “green lung” (and can spare a couple of hours) can come along on Saturday morning, 11 July 2015 to the Hornbende Street entrance.

We’ll be there from 09:00. Wear old clothes, bring gardening gloves, black plastic rubbish bags and let’s do this thing!

An updated version of “A River Runs Through It” (a Powerpoint presentation originally created Johan Strydom who has since emigrated) which shows what can be done with the area, is available from me on request (8,090Kb).

Thanks to Les and JC for their suggestions/proposals