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Samsung Note 7 recall

The hunt is on for 10 missing Samsung Note 7 smartphones. Somewhere in South Africa are 10 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones that should be returned to the manufacturers after the devices were globally recalled for exploding.

55 South Africans pre-ordered the Note 7 phones and all but 10 have been returned. The people seem to be reluctant to return their devices. The phones feature coveted dual-SIM capability, iris-scanning and wireless charging, but the phones put everyone near them at risk.

The global recall saw at least 2.5 million units never make it to market. The defect is said to lie with the phone’s battery. In a meeting with NCC this week, Samsung South Africa said it had reached out to the 10 owners who were still unwavering in their resolve to hold on to their phones.

Samsung has offered to exchange the devices with the Samsung S7 Edge dual-SIM range, which would have to be imported as it isn’t available in the country.

Should the owners not hand over the phones, the devices would be remotely deactivated.

Samsungt supports the global ban on the devices as well as the rule prohibiting them from being taken on board planes because of their potential to cause an in-flight explosion.

For flying passengers, the company has also implemented an exchange programme at kiosks near the departure terminals at major airports, such as OR Tambo, Cape Town International Airport and King Shaka International.