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Red Energy Solar Solutions

Red Energy Solar Solutions - Elarduspark

Red Energy Solar Solutions, an alternative energy company based in Elardus park. Our focus is to be different from the rest – to give people affordable options. Solar does not have to be out of most people’s reach. We’ve been in business since 2008 and we are always doing research and testing new ideas to find an even better solution. This is a hands-on business with installation managers dedicated to resolve any problems that you may experience.

Red Energy Solar Solutions. In South Africa the Solar Market is unique: Everyone wants Solar. After getting outrageous quotations suddenly nobody wants Solar. At Red Energy we realise it is all about guiding your expectation to what you really need. Do you really need batteries now? If the answer is NO you can start with Grid-Tie. If the answer is YES, you can start with an Island Inverter with Batteries, and Grid-Tie later. If the budget is LOW, you can try our 12V Solar Systems. Solar systems that matches any budget.

Red Energy Solar Solutions Products & Services:

  • Carbon Track
  • Grid-Tie Solar System
  • Grid-Tie with Battery Backup
  • Off-Grid Solar System
  • 12V Off-Grid Kits
  • Solar Borehole Pump
  • Solar Geysers
  • Lithium Batteries
  • Lead Crystal Batteries
  • Installation complies to Health & Safety Regulations
  • All work done according to SANS Standards
  • All work supervised
  • Our Kits are complete, and consists of all frames, cabling, pre-wired DB Board with Automatic Transfer Switch

Contact Details for Red Energy Solar Solutions:

Contact Person:
Maureen Joubert


Tel Number:
012 004 1116


590 Vacy Lyle street