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Record-breaking Heatwave

5 January 2016

Gauteng should brace itself for a record-breaking heatwave on Thursday with temperatures expected at  41°C in Pretoria. According to the South African Weather Service, people in Johannesburg should prepare themselves for 39°C while Pretoria is set for an even hotter day with predicted temperatures at 41°C.

These temperatures will see the previous records of 39 °C (Pretoria) and 38 °C (Johannesburg) be broken. Both of these records were set in 2015. Gauteng is not the only part of the country being gripped by temperatures from the high 30’s. The Western Cape has been experiencing temperatures of up to 38 °C, while the Northern Cape reached even higher temperatures.

The extreme heatwave in Gauteng is expected to be broken by a rainfall prediction of 60% on Friday, although temperatures are still expected to reach the high 30’s.

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