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Elardus Park Water Project (Update)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Elardus Park Water Project

The project has reached a stage where most of the investigative work is completed. Placing existing services of the sixteen service providers should be determined in the area.

The digging will commence this week together with drill operations under roads and paved areas. These operations will open trenches and holes near the road surface and residents are urged to be extra careful when moving near excavations. Mechanical digging will be in use.

Excavations will take place along Alandale Street from Barnard to Boeing street and then the residential area of ​​Mirage and British Tone Street. Work areas will be fenced off for the safety of both motorists and workers. Some road surfaces may be blocked for short periods which may delay traffic flow for short periods.

The project will take at least 3 months because it requires a lot of manual labor and means that teams will be working close to road surfaces . Teams wear safety clothing presenting the project logo. Safety signage and officers will be in place. Excavations are closed off when not manned.

The contractors plan to complete the task with minimum delay. Residents are urged to be tolerant be. Warn children to stay away from work areas.

Please share this information with your neighbours, friends and family who may use the roads in these areas. Security for the project team is of the utmost importance.

Les Weyer (GSO)

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