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Child Safety Harness


Child Safety Harness – R125

Have peace of mind by having your toddler safe and close by to you at all times when on-the-go. The 4AKID Child Safety Harness is designed so that your toddler will have the freedom to be a kid but with a lot less worry for you. No more chasing after little ones as we all know they are quick. Safety harnesses (or leashes) allow toddlers to explore the world, on their own terms but within safe boundaries. Available in blue and pink. Email Carla-Lee at for more information.

  • Fully adjustable, easy to put on your child and easy to use while on-the-go.
  • Combine comfort with style with a range of various fun colors and designs.
  • Perfect for twins and triplets too, and ideal for all outings!
  • Manufactured with SABS-approved materials.
  • Designs may vary slightly from the pictures.

Child Safety Harness

Safety wrist strap – R45

Some of the most challenging phases of parenting toddlers is when the children’s’ desire to explore the world surpasses their ability to recognise and avoid danger. The 4AKID Child Safety Wrist Strap helps to keep your child close to you in crowded places and gives you peace of mind.The safety tether is designed for little wrists and is easy to put on your toddler.You can hold the comfortable strap on one end, or attach it to your stroller or trolley, and always have your toddler within reach.Perfect for twins and triplets too, and ideal for all outings! Manufactured with SABS approved materials. Available in fun colours and designs for mod moms! Email Carla-Lee at for more information.

Child Wrist Wrap

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