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Bad Smell in the Air


20 September 2017 – Ward Counsellor Rita Aucamp: It has been confirmed that the bad smell comes from the Garstkloof Dumping Site which is currently being processed. Workers are busy cutting up the garden refuse such as tree trunks and branches at the site. As they reach deeper levels, they unearth old rotting refuse which then release the bad smell. The short-term solution is to cover the old refuse but I (Rita) will be meeting with the Department today to discuss a resolution. I will keep you updated. 

18 September 2017 – We reported the smell to

18 September 2017 – The LS4 community sector confirmed illegal compost activities at the closed landfill site on Delmas road, but it is unclear whether this is the cause of the smell.

18 September 2017 – Currently engineers are busy with the closure design of the landfill. Pertaining to the end-use of the site. The municipality is contemplating to use the site as a composting facility as this will assist the community in terms of disposal of garden waste, a second alternative would be to use the site as a recreational facility. However, the decision has not been taken yet.  

Residents of Elardus Park, Wingate Park and Moretelapark have complained about a bad smell in the air (mostly at night) for the past few months now. It has become unbearable and unacceptable.

We ask the community to provide us with updates and more information regarding the source and cause for this smell. (email to, or leave a comment at the bottom of the page).

Residents who experience this bad smell are urged to report to:

City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality:

Ward Counsellor Rita Aucamp:
083 629 0315

Msc Environment and Society:
012 343 9820


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